Marketers seem to have finally woken up to the fact that branding is incredibly important to B2B organizations.

But we still have some ways to go, as many B2B brands seem to follow similar patterns, which leads to them looking and feeling very similar and indistinct.

That's why our guest on this episode of CMO Convo, Mai Fenton, CMO of Superscript, has taken an "unconventional" approach to building the brand, an approach which has paid off massively.

Check out the episode to find out why you too should be thinking outside the box when it comes to B2B branding.

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Key talking points

  • Why branding is so important to B2B orgs, and why people are only recently waking up to this.
  • Why it's never too early to start building a brand, no matter how early-stage your company.
  • The importance of unconventional marketing to build a distinct brand.

About the guest

Mai Fenton is CMO at Superscript, a London- based, Series B tech scale-up that provides flexible, customizable business insurance for small businesses by monthly subscription.

Mai has worked across a range of businesses, from startups through to multi-million-dollar global enterprises, with a diverse background that spans consumer packaged goods, lifestyle, retail, eCommerce, and tech.

We recently named Mai as one of our CMOs to watch in 2022.

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