Aligning Sales and Marketing is essential to your success as a CMO, and your brand.

But it's not just about getting them working together for efficiency's sake, it's uniting them around the goal of meeting the needs and preferred method of buying of your audience and customers.

In this episode of CMO Convo, we're joined by Jessica Lyn Zall, CMO of Percent, and she's breaking down the way Sales and Marketing collaborate needs to evolve alongside customer behavior.

Key talking points

  • Why sales and marketing alignment has to be different, depending on your industry.
  • The evolving behaviors of customers, and how Sales and Marketing need to keep pace.
  • The impact of AI and emerging tech on the future of Sales and Marketing.

About the guest

As CMO of Percent, Jessica Lyn Zall is a performance-driven C-level marketing, strategy, and business development leader with 22+ years of experience developing and managing comprehensive marketing and investment services initiatives and teams with industry-leading investment management and financial technology firms including Thomson Reuters, J.P. Morgan, Envestnet, BNP Paribas, and Fidelity.

Jessica has expertise across a multitude of B2B marketing disciplines including strategy, product marketing, lead generation/business development, segmentation, content creation, marketing operations, and marketing automation.

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