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C-suite silos can be one of the biggest barriers to your success as a CMO. And right now, C-suite alignment is more important than ever.

But rather than having CMOs preaching to the converted, it's time to break open the echo chamber and get some real talk from a CEO on what they think the CMO's role should be in breaking open C-Suite silos that might be blocking their paths to success.

That CEO is JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President and CEO of Alliant.

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Key talking points

  • The importance of aligned C-suites, and why silos can be blockers to achieving this.
  • Why CMOs have historically had problems aligning with the C-suite, and what they should be doing now.
  • A CEO's perspective on the role of CMOs in breaking open C-suite silos.

About the guest

As Alliant’s founder, President and CEO, JoAnne Monfradi Dunn is the architect of its vision and has built its culture on passion for team building and customer service.

Prior to Alliant, JoAnne held strategic and practitioner positions at Time-Life, The Norman Rockwell Museum, Mal Dunn Associates, and TC Index.

About our sponsor: Dreamdata

Dreamdata was born out of the founders’ own experience. In their own ways, Lars, Ole, and Steffen struggled to gain a holistic understanding of what impact different teams in the organization were having on revenue. The solutions available were siloed and offered little insight into the long and complex B2B customer journey.

They needed a solution designed specifically for B2B. A product that could replace the siloed tools and help understand the full value of actions. One which would continually be developed, and crucially, not drain internal resources.

They couldn’t find one. So they built Dreamdata.

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