For many people, the best stories are the ones that we have an emotional connection to. Should the same apply with marketing?

Gastón Tourn, CMO of Curio, certainly believes so, which is why we had to wrap up Story Masters with a focus on how storytellers throughout history have evoked emotion. After all, who doesn't love a big emotional climax to a story?

In this episode, we take a look at pathos, logos, and catharsis: the three pillars of emotion in storytelling for thousands of years, and how they apply in modern marketing.

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Key talking points

  • The power of emotion in brand storytelling.
  • Pathos, logos, and catharsis: what are they, and how can they apply in marketing?
  • Gastón's ultimate storytelling advice.

About Gastón Tourn

Gastón Tourn is CMO at Curio, the app to listen to news and insights from the world's most trusted publications. Before Curio, he was CMO at Badoo Group (now Bumble Group), Emma – The Sleep Company and Appear Here. He also worked in marketing at Google across several international markets, from Brazil to the UK.

Gastón studied Communication at the University of Buenos Aires, completed an MBA program in Marketing at The Wharton School and a Master's in Creative Writing at Oxford University. If that wasn't nerd enough, he is currently studying for a Master's in Software Engineering at Harvard University, as he dreams of becoming a code poet.

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