The CMO role can often feel like you're going through phases of growth and regression. Recognizing and accepting that can be a powerful tool, according to our guest, Karen Peterson, CMO of Lendio. It can give you the awareness you need to plan ahead and make the most of those times, and give you the peace of mind you need to weather the tough times.

Karen's framework follows the cycle of seasons, and in this episode, she shares how you can survive winter, make the most of spring, bask in summer, and prepare well during fall.

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Key talking points

  • Winter - time to take stock and prepare for the activity ahead.
  • Spring - big growth, and time to try new things.
  • Summer - glory in your success, build on what's working.
  • Autumn/fall - Take advantage of calmer times to explore new things.

About the guest

Karen Peterson is the CMO of Lendio, the nation's leading marketplace for small business loans. Before joining Lendio, Peterson served as CMO for BrainStorm, Inc. and spent over a decade at Ancestry, launching the Canadian market and rising to the position of SVP, US Marketing, and interim CMO.

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