ABM has become one of the most effective forms of B2B marketing. And yet many people seem to focus on tech and account data to the detriment of the human element.

Data can be a powerful tool, but is it really reflective of what your accounts are going through right now?

And while tech is all well and good, what about the people who actually use it?

We spoke to Joel Capperella, VP of Marketing at Workiva, who shared the reasons why you should never forget about the human side of ABM.

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Key talking points

  • Why it's wrong to just think about ABM as tech and account data.
  • The importance of human connection with your accounts.
  • Where your own personnel has to fit into your ABM processes.

About the guest

As the VP of Marketing at Workiva, Joel Capperella focuses on placing the aspirations of the customer at the center of developing, marketing, and selling. He believes that SaaS, technology, and professional services companies have a choice; play the pain solution game that has been in practice since the late 1990s (and rapidly driving the companies that continue to use it towards commoditization), or invest in creating a clear and aggressive dramatic point of view.

Joel's approach hinges on the essence of WHY. He understands that when we honestly know why we do what we do and sell what we sell, and why those things impact the lives of our customers, pipelines increase, deal cycles decrease, and revenues grow.

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