Thinking about marketing as a linear process isn't smart at any level as a marketer, and it's especially foolish as a CMO. That's what this episode's guest, Ionut Danifeld's experience has taught him.

That's why he's here to share his experience in setting up 360-degree marketing solutions, a process that has empowered his team and increased their capabilities massively.

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Key talking points

  • The importance of 360-degree marketing solutions and their essential components.
  • The process of building one and what to prioritize.
  • How to coordinate with other departments to make sure it's integrated properly.

About the guest

Originally from Romania, Ionut worked in both agency and client-side roles across Europe, before making the jump to South-East Asia. He's currently the CMO of TRAPO Asia, which under his watch has become the fastest growing car accessories retailer in SE Asia.

His experience has given him a deep understanding of managing teams and producing marketing strategies multinationally, and how to get the most from agencies as a client.

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