Social media used to be the perfect place to build meaningful connections with your audience. But it's been going through some turbulent times.

Divisive discourse, algorithms reducing organic reach, mismanagement of certain platforms making them less attractive places to advertise, and overall, tried and tested tactics have lost their efficacy.

With all this and more in mind, we sat down with Fractional CMO, Liz Dolinski, to ask the question "What the heck has happened to social media?" and how can CMOs respond?

Key talking points

  • The current state of social media, and what it means for brands.
  • Why the old strategies aren't working, and how brands need to evolve.
  • What the future holds for brands on social media as a result of emerging technologies and the macro-landscape.

About the guest

Fractional CMO, Liz Dolinski, is a growth leader who advances growing brands into major players. She specializes in crafting winning go-to-market strategies and building marketing platforms to achieve ambitious customer and revenue growth goals with breakthrough, innovative business models that can be scaled. Liz's expertise lies in digital transformation and eCommerce.

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