As a CMO, you're often the boss of your organization's brand. But usually, it's not you or your marketing team that has to live and breath that brand every day. That role falls to your frontline teams who interact with your customers on a daily basis, like sales, customer support, or service providers. It's not too big a bet that they have some thoughts on what works and what doesn't...

That's why we're joined by Chris Wallace, co-founder and President of InnerView Group, and he's sharing why it's important to have a two-way dialogue between marketing and frontline teams. In particular, Chris is expounding the benefits of a large-scale feedback process called a brand transfer study.

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Key talking points

  • Why frontline teams have valuable insights for CMOs.
  • The benefits and processes for opening up two-way dialogues between marketing and the frontline.
  • The scales and practicalities to get the most from this process.

About the guest

Christopher is the Co-Founder and President of InnerView where his primary professional focus is to help companies better align the marketing strategies of their boardroom with the daily execution at the front lines. Chris and his team at Innerview have developed the Brand Transfer Score tool, which helps companies measure brand message alignment and engage their frontline teams in innovative new ways. He has taught as an adjunct MBA professor at Temple’s Fox School of Business and has been published in outlets such as Harvard Business Review and Chief Marketer and is a contributor to publications including and

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