Email marketing. No matter your industry, it's loved by marketers for it's reliability and consistency.

But in a world where the average person receives over 100 emails a day, it takes work to stand out so you get the conversion rates you need. That's why Aidan Casey, CMO of Paintru, is back with us to share her approach that's doubled open and click-through rates.

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Key talking points

  • Why email is still an important component of digital marketing.
  • Crafting an email strategy that works.
  • Embracing autoresponders and email automation.

About Aidan

Aidan Casey is originally from Portland Oregon. Since graduating from San Diego State University in 2013, Aidan worked on many large healthcare and life science brands within the agency space before transitioning to a healthcare technology startup. Following launching her own consultancy in 2020, she has recently joined the team at Paintru as CMO.

Aidan is passionate about marketing strategy and is quite the "ideator", driven by new ideas and ways to innovate and improve.

When she isn't writing strategies, developing content, chatting with artists, diving into data, etc. she loves warm beaches, powder ski days, pilates, painting, riding horses, and good wine.

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