Convince the boss: CMO Accelerator Program


Looking to enroll in our CMO Accelerator Program, but don’t know how to approach your boss about it?

We’ve got you covered.

Just copy and paste this email, personalize it, and let us do the convincing for you.

Or, download a copy here.

Hey [Insert your boss’ name here],

I’ve been doing some research about how to improve as a marketing leader and noticed that CMO Alliance has a CMO Accelerator Program. It's something I’m really interested in, and I’d like to inquire whether you’d be willing to offer financial support for me to enroll.

While I’ve developed the skills and know-how to do my current role effectively, I’m sure you’ll agree, I’m aware that in order to be a successful leader, particularly in the C-Suite, I need to add to my skill set.

Leadership requires more than just marketing know-how, particularly in the C-Suite, and I want to ensure I can provide maximum value and support in those kinds of roles.

The course will equip me with the knowledge and skills to navigate the C-Suite, align marketing goals with business goals, and coordinate marketing projects that require input from multiple stakeholders across our organization.

The course is built around practical insights from leading CMOs, with interactive workshops and classes, so I’ll be able to discuss the precise ways I can improve my skills for our business goals.

The course is 100% self-paced, so won’t affect my working hours. But, it will ultimately improve my skills within the role. Once I complete the course and pass my exams, I’ll receive official certification and, of course, the knowledge needed to help us propel our marketing to the next level.

I’ll have access to all of the course materials from the course forever, and gain access to an exclusive alumni network, where I’ll be able to continue to hone my skills, and get advice if and when new challenges arise for us.

I have no doubt that this would be a great investment, and I’d be more than happy to discuss this opportunity with you in more detail. If you’d like to do a bit more research of your own before we meet, you’ll find all the information you need, including what’s in the syllabus, on the site here.

There are also some case studies on the course here, and here.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need from me at this stage.


[Your name]