2023 was quite a year for marketing leadership. New challenges and opportunities appeared around every corner. And now there's a new year a'comin', full of possibility and potential.

We sat down with Lori Goode, CMO of Index Exchange, to take a look back at 2023 and how marketing leaders have responded to everything that's been going on, from AI to tighter budgets and all the big macroeconomic factors. We then take a look forwards, at how things may evolve, and what CMOs need to be prepared for in the big MMXXIV.

Key talking points

  • Our big retrospective on the year that was, and say goodbye to 2023.
  • The challenges and opportunities of 2024, and how CMOs can respond.
  • Advice on leadership for navigating through uncertainty.

About the guest

Lori Goode serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Index Exchange. In her role, Lori is responsible for amplifying Index’s mission and vision across all marketing channels globally, boosting visibility for Index’s brand while crafting the positioning and go-to-market strategy for its products and solutions to drive growth. She also oversees the learning and development organization and sponsors the company’s sustainability and DE&I efforts.

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