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Like it or not, AI is here to stay, and not just that, it’s going to transform the ways that marketers do their jobs. From data analysis and customer communications, to persona research, there isn’t an aspect of your work that AI won’t touch.

For many, this is a time of mass uncertainty. But don’t worry, we sat down with Amanda Cole, CMO at Bloomreach, to discuss the ways in which CMOs can inject AI-powered strategies into new innovations and campaigns.

‎CMO Convo: Amanda Cole | How CMOs can keep up with AI innovations | CMO Convo on Apple Podcasts
‎Show CMO Convo, Ep Amanda Cole | How CMOs can keep up with AI innovations | CMO Convo - 24 May 2024

Key talking points

In this holistic deep dive into AI and marketing we delved into the following:

  • How AI can foster creative decision making and storytelling 
  • The ethical implementation of AI 
  • Using AI smartly so that CMOs have more time to dream up innovative solutions

All this and so much more!

About the guest

Amanda Cole, the CMO at Bloomreach, brings over two decades of B2B SaaS marketing experience. She's known for building top-tier teams, crafting global marketing strategies, and driving sales with innovative solutions. Her expertise spans marketing communications, new business development, brand positioning, and product marketing.

Amanda leverages AI and data to enhance customer interactions and ensures her team is agile, creative, and effective. She's passionate about marketing and technology and enjoys mentoring professionals who are eager to push the boundaries of growth and innovation in B2B SaaS.

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