CMO Convo is back for 2024!

2023 was a big year for marketing tech, particularly AI. So much so it can easy to lose sight of the real core of marketing: people.

We market to people, people make up our teams, the other stakeholders within your organization are people.

That's why we're kicking off 2024 with Sarah Roberts, CMO of Boldyn Networks, to discuss why maintaining that human connection and focus is going to be critical to success in the coming year.

Key talking points

  • Balancing technological innovation with humanity.
  • The importance of connecting with your audience on a human level.
  • Managing the human needs of your team.

About the guest

Sarah Roberts is the Group CMO of Boldyn Networks. With over 20 years of experience as a senior marketing and business leader, Sarah has a passion for connecting product, customer demand, and marketing execution to drive business growth and performance.

Sarah has positioned marketing as a credible and key business driver for Boldyn Networks, one of the world's largest shared network infrastructure providers with expertise across a range of industry verticals.

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