Sustainability isn't just good for the planet, it's good for business too. Gen-Z and Millennial customers are 27% more likely to purchase from a brand that they believe cares about the planet than older generations.

So clearly, it's important for brands to make a big deal about the sustainability innovations they're rolling out.

But how can you ensure less well-known brands are getting the attention they deserve? Elyse Winer, CMO of Gen Phoenix, knows this challenge all too well. Despite her brand's long history of fantastic sustainability innovations, it's not exactly a household name.

Elyse's solution? Strategic partnerships, and fearless efforts to make some noise about sustainability. Discover how you can do the same.

Key talking points

  • Why sustainability matters for businesses, and CMOs role in driving it forwards in their organizations.
  • The importance of celebrating and promoting your sustainability innovations.
  • Making sure your sustainability innovations get the attention they deserve through strategic partnerships.

About the guest

The CMO & General Manager, Consumer at Gen Phoenix, Elyse Winer has a passion for commercializing early-stage technologies and works shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs to take their technology from emerging to iconic.

During her startup career, she has worn many commercial hats touching fundraising, marketing, brand, communications, business development, sales, strategy, and general management.

With this thorough insider experience, Elyse knows what it takes to build enduring deep-tech brands that resonate with customers and capitalize on gaps in the marketplace.

Elyse’s track record of partnering with technology startups and large companies to build brands, develop commercial strategies, and launch game-changing products has earned recognition from Forbes as a “30 Under 30” honoree in Marketing & Advertising, from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association as a “Future Industry Leader”, and from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association as a “Rising Star”.

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