With the current economic downturns in many parts of the world, being able to create an effective growth-focused culture is more important than ever for CMOs and marketing leaders.

Austin Beveridge, Head of Marketing at Arc Technologies, knows how important culture can be to success, and he's here with us to share the lessons he learned growing Bolt from Series B to a decacorn (yep, that's a unicorn x12). Not only does he share how he's applying these lessons at Arc, but also how you can do the same.

With important lessons for companies of any size, if growth is on your mind, don't miss this episode!

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Key talking points

  • Why developing a growth-focused culture is important as a marketing leader.
  • The lessons Austin learned from growing Bolt.
  • How Austin is applying these lessons at Arc, and how you can do the same.

About the guest

Austin Beveridge grew up in Wisconsin and cut his teeth as a marketer on start-ups before getting the opportunity to move over to Silicon Valley as Growth Marketing Co-ordinator at VSC. But it was when he was brought in as the 2nd marketing hire, "The Glue and Growth Guy" at Bolt where things really took off.

Over 2 years, Austin spearheaded the growth that allowed Bolt to reach decacron valuation, and the company to grow from just over 100, to well over a 1000 strong.

Ready for the next challenge, Austin has moved on to become Head of Marketing for Arc Technologies.

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