B2B and B2C might seem like distinct specialties, but as a CMO it's quite likely you could find yourself running the marketing in an organization that does both.

But rather than thinking about this as two separate parts of your role that you need to split yourself between, is there potential to find not just balance between the two, but make it so B2B enhances B2C, and vice versa?

Eric Lent is CMO at an organization that does just that, Prezzee, and he joins us to share his insights on running both B2B and B2C marketing at the same time.

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Key talking points

  • Do you need separate skills, teams, and techstacks for B2B and B2C?
  • How can consumer behavior inform B2B buying, and vice-versa?
  • Managing your duties to both B2B and B2C as a CMO.

About the guest

CMO of Prezzee, Eric Lent, is an omnichannel focused General Manager, Technology, CPG, and Service Marketing Executive with a history of visionary and strategic leadership. Eric has proven success in creating a world-class global marketing organization, building great brands, driving real growth, and achieving financial goals.

He has a track record of improving market leadership through: leading strategic change, developing innovative products, and consistently exceeding targets.

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