Lights, camera, action! There are few places better to learn how to tell a story on film than Hollywood, which is why this episode's guest's mission to improve video marketing started there. Not only is Maury Rogow the CMO of The Video Bot, and founder and CEO of Rip Media, he's also a bonafide Hollywood producer himself.

In this episode, Maury shows how effective the Hollywood system for story and cinema is so effective, and CMOs should be thinking a bit more cinematic when it comes to their video marketing.

Find the full episode and more here.

Key talking points

  • What Hollywood film making can teach marketers.
  • The principles Maury builds his video marketing around.
  • The future of video marketing.

About the guest

Maury Rogow is an exceptionally busy man. His marketing career has seen him launch dozens of products, chart startups to billion dollar valuations, and even found his own video marketing studio. Alongside that, he's also found time to produce, write, and act in the hectic, star-studded world of Hollywood.

The lessons he's learned in Tinsel Town have carried over to how he approaches video marketing, where he aims to tell same the emotional, cinematic stories that have dazzled fans of Hollywood films for generations.

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