Environmental sustainability is a global responsibility, and brands have an essential duty toward this. But it takes more than just standing up and saying "ok, we're going to be sustainable now."

Johanna Bauman, CMO of PubMatic, knows that for corporate sustainability initiatives to be effective, you need internal alignment from top to bottom before you even start planning how to roll them out.

And that's where the CMO comes in.

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Key talking points

  • The importance of internal alignment before going public with sustainability initiatives.
  • Why CMOs are best placed to work on them (and how to prevent perceptions of it just being a "marketing initiative").
  • Practical steps for getting everybody onboard with sustainability initiatives.

About the guest

Johanna Bauman is a seasoned marketer and business strategist with a track record of driving successful B2B marketing programs for technology companies.

She joined PubMatic in 2016 as Senior Director, and later Vice President of Marketing Communications where she redefined the corporate narrative and executed global marketing programs that strengthened the PubMatic brand.

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, Johanna is responsible for all aspects of corporate marketing strategy, product marketing and sales enablement, brand development, events, and communications across all regions.

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