Growth is one of the top priorities for many CMOs. But what do actionable growth strategies look like, and how can a CMO approach planning them?

Thankfully, on this new episode of CMO Convo we're joined by Daniel Frohnen, growth specialist and start up CMO, who breaks down methodically everything you need to know and do as a CMO to define growth goals, align internal stakeholders, and what to base bespoke growth strategies around.

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Key talking points

  • How to define growth as a goal that can be communicated internally.
  • The importance of developing bespoke growth strategies, not just following a playbook.
  • Companies with great growth strategies to inspire.

About the guest

Daniel entered the marketing biz through a 10 year stint in the music industry. He discovered a passion for the technology he was working with and pivoted to the tech industry where he's been ever since.

He's become quite specialist at marketing for start-ups and early-stage companies, and as a CMO he led the start-up, Sendoso, to be named one of LinkedIn's Top Startups 2020: United States. His current CMO role is at the computerized maintenance management software company, UpKeep.

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