When we've discussed the Fractional CMO role on this site, it's often been from the perspective of it as a full-time role. But is it viable as a side hustle?

Being a full-time marketing leader is demanding enough, so we assumed it would be quite a challenge to run a functioning Fractional CMO role alongside it.

But Shikha Pakhide is up to the challenge, and she joined us on CMO Convo to share her perspective on career benefits, time management, and project boundaries, all to give you insights on how you too can run a Fractional CMO side hustle.

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Key talking points

  • How a Fractional CMO side hustle can benefit your career.
  • The practicalities of time and project management.
  • The importance of establishing boundaries across your different projects.

About our guest

Shikha Pakhide is an award-winning B2B Growth Marketing Leader who is passionate about Go To Market strategy, Brand Awareness, Account Based Marketing, and Demand Generation. Shikha believes in One Team Approach and collaborating with respective teams in driving the company's revenue. All the marketing activities that Shikha designs are aligned with Growth and Revenue at the core.

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