Marketing needs money behind it, but it can be tough to get the right resources if your organization only sees it as a cost sink.

If that sounds familiar to you, then the problem might be your relationship with your CFO, according to our guest, Yannick Kpodar. Yannick has considerable experience working with different CFOs, particularly in his current role as CMO of a variety of fintech brands under the BPCE banner, and he's joining us to share his methods for building an effective relationship with your CFO.

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Key talking points

  • Why the relationship between CMOs and CFOs can be contentious, and why this can be a problem.
  • How to show the value of marketing so that your CFO doesn't see it as just a cost.
  • What a good relationship with your CFO can unlock for you.

About the guest

With experience both in Silicon Valley and across Europe (UK, Spain, and France) Yannick’s background spans from B2B Tech Sales to B2B product marketing, pricing, and growth strategy across a variety of tech companies such as Dell, LinkedIn, PayFit, and Groupe BPCE’s new Digital & Payment division.

Based in Paris, Yannick most recently led product marketing at PayFit (France’s latest Unicorn valued at $2.2B). He is currently a CMO at Groupe BPCE where he leads product-market fit, growth, customer experience, and brand across a group of FinTech companies ranging from a PayTech platform (Dalenys) to a Banking-as-a-Service player (Xpollens).

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