To climb the ladder as a marketer, it often feels like you either have to become a generalist, or work in disciplines you're not comfortable with, all of which requires moving away from your passions and specialties.

This approach can mean only certain types of marketers have a voice in the C-suite, or you have CMOs who aren't particularly happy with their role and responsibilities. For Ling Koay, CMO and VP of Brand for Oneflow, this is a problem that requires a solution.

For Ling, she believes marketers and CMOs should lean into their superpowers, even if it means having to make new space for their roles and responsibilities on the C-Suite.

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Key talking points

  • Why the conflicting duties of many CMOs can be a problem.
  • Owning your marketing superpower and how marketing leadership can reflect this.
  • The possibilities and responsibilities for Chief Brand Officers and Chief Marketing Officers in early-stage companies.

About the guest

Ling Koay loves marketing and bubbles. She’s a B2B marketer and leader with almost two decades of experience driven by growing tech businesses through creativity, art, and science.

Her career in marketing started when she co-founded an agency in 2004 specializing in brand building, which led her to write a thesis on cult branding for her Master’s degree.

Marketing to Ling is about using ideas to change minds. Moving the needle. Making sales easier. Recently she gave up her CMO title to focus on brand at Oneflow. Call her crazy, but marketing is the puzzle she solves every day to make her life complete.

Ling was recently featured in our CMOs to watch in 2022 list.

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