Having a plan for the future is a pretty important part of being a CMO. But unless you've been utterly ignoring the news for a while, you might have noticed that things have been pretty chaotic for a while, and the future doesn't seem like it's going to be any different, any time soon...

So how the heck can you make realistic plans for the future? We spoke to Rusty Bishop, CMO of Bigtincan, on how to create adaptable plans for the future, along with some actual good things for marketing leaders to look forward to that might actually make their lives easier!

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Key talking points

  • Why it's important to think long term as a CMO.
  • How to develop plans despite the uncertainty in the future.
  • Bright spots on the horizon that CMOs can actually look forwards to for once!

About the guest

Rusty Bishop has been a musician, Ph.D. biochemist, author, patent-holder, entrepreneur, and now the CMO of Bigtincan – a publicly traded software company in the sales enablement space.

Rusty applies the knowledge and skills from his Ph.D. research to pipeline generation, creating compelling buying experiences through brand strategy, and leading his teams to be the best versions of themselves. Equal parts thought-leader and scientific marketing tactician, his goal is to bring energy and enthusiasm to drive the growth of Bigtincan.

Rusty has built a successful track record in Sales and Marketing as an SVP, Founder, and CMO in tech and founded/sold FatStax, one of the first sales enablement companies helping to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

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