When you get right down to it, one of the most important skills as a CMO is understanding people.

You market to people, your customers are people, and your team is made up of people.

So it makes sense that understanding people, and how to reach them and motivate them is essential.

Michelle Peterson, CMO of Kendra Scott, knows this all too well, which is why she's joined us to share her insights on understanding all the people connected to a brand, and how to leverage that understanding into effective marketing strategies.

Key talking points

  • The power of people-first performance marketing.
  • Creating people-focused narratives both your audience and team can get behind.
  • How best to understand the people connected with your brand.

About the guest

As CMO of Kendra Scott, Michelle Peterson brings the creativity of a marketer, analytical thinking of an engineer, and authenticity of a mindful leader. Michelle combines blue-chip CPG brand-building expertise with a commercial mindset to unlock growth and inspire consumer loyalty.

She has diverse experience accelerating global brands in multiple industries, including CPG, Fitness, and Hospitality, and across various ownership structures. Michelle has profitably managed brands and P&Ls, from early stage to billion dollars, grounded in an ability to go deep on business fundamentals, build consumer empathy and data-driven insights, lead innovation, and develop breakthrough creative.

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