While the love of a good story has been constant throughout history, how we tell them can change wildly. And with stories being so essential to marketing, it's essential for CMOs and marketers to keep their fingers on the pulse of how they need to evolve their storytelling.

Predicting the future is never easy, but we give it a good effort with Lorena Morales, Director of Global Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL, as we examine what elements of good stories will remain constant in marketing, and how technology and culture might change how we tell them.

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Key talking points

  • Why stories are important to every aspect of a marketer's life.
  • The culture and technology behind the future of brand storytelling.
  • The universal elements of great stories that won't change.

About the guest

Proud Mexican Lorena Morales is currently the Director of Global Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL - the first role of its kind for the public-traded company.

As a skillful storyteller and relationship-builder, Lorena uses these skills in her approach to both marketing and leadership, which have allowed her to grow teams for the past 8 years.

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