Connections require understanding. Understanding requires empathy.

This is true in many aspects of life, but it's particularly true in the world of marketing.

Miri Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller at Microsoft and best-selling author of Brand Storytelling, knows all about the power of empathy for brands. She joined us on CMO Convo to share how you can ensure empathy is encoded in your brand's DNA, and how to leverage that empathy into effective storytelling.

Key talking points

  • The power empathy gives a brand.
  • How to leverage empathy for effective storytelling.
  • Advice for how marketing leaders can encode empathy into their brand's DNA.

About the guest

A Senior Storyteller at Microsoft, Miri Rodriguez is an award-winning professional with a career history of leading Communications, Marketing, and Business Operations Programs. As the author of the best-selling book, Brand Storytelling, Miri's mission is to transform marketers from storytellers to storylords!

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