Buyer personas have been a big part of marketing for a long time. But modern marketing needs modern buyer personas, and if you're still thinking about personas in terms of things like demographics and firmographics, you're going to fall behind.

That's the message from Jim Kraus, President of Buyer Persona Institute, who joined us on CMO Convo to share why you need to move away from demographic-style personas and start using decisions and behaviors to understand your market.

Jim explains why this is so important for modern marketing, and how you can develop the understanding you need to create modern buyer personas that make an impact.

Key talking points

  • The problem with building buyer personas around things like demographics.
  • Why decision- and behavior-based qualifiers for buyer personas is more effective for modern marketing.
  • How to get the information you need to understand decisions and behaviors for creating modern buyer personas.

About the guest

As the President of Buer Persona Institute, Jim Kraus has a 30-year background in marketing and market research, developing research and insights to help marketing, sales, and product professionals connect more meaningfully to their audiences.

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