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5 practical steps to sales and marketing alignment

Sales and marketing alignment doesn't have to be a pipedream. Brady Cohen has practical, tried-and-tested steps to get these two essential teams marching in step.

CMO Convo | Making your marketing agency partnership worth it | Joe Zappa

Agency partnerships can have powerful benefits, but they can carry considerable costs. In a world where CMOs have to count every single penny of their marketing budget, you need to make sure you're making the right choices. We sat down with agency founder, Joe Zappa of Sharp Pen Media, to go over the common mistakes many CMOs make when choosing an agency, and what you should be doing instead.

Your guide to (successfully) using projects in your hiring process

Hiring can be an absolute minefield. One way to really get to know your candidates is by setting them a project, according to Scott Brown, Head of Platform at Cervin Ventures. Discover the benefits of projects-based hiring and how to successfully use it to hire the talent you need in our new article.

The Growth CMO Survey 2023/24

We’re back with the newest edition of our Growth CMO Survey! Driving growth has been one of the most important duties of CMOs, so once again we’re taking a big look at how growth goals are currently being set, met, and measured, and how it all relates to the role of CMOs and their marketing teams. But we’re not stopping there! We’re well aware that many businesses have pivoted from growth-focus to ensuring profitability, so we’ll also be examining that. Before we get there, we’re offering you the opportunity to provide your insights as a collaborator on this industry-defining report.

🤩 CMO Alliance ambassadors 🤩

The CMO Alliance ambassador program is open again to applications.

✍️ Do you want to contribute to our community content?

🫂 Do you want to help run meetups in your area?

💡 Do you want to become an ambassador for CMO Alliance?

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Apply here to register your interest by October 18.

⭐️ Women in leadership project ⭐️

We are delighted to announce our new project in the CMO Alliance…

Women in Leadership: Elevating diverse voices in marketing

Our mission is to empower, uplift, and amplify the voices of women from all walks of life who are pursuing or thriving in marketing careers. We’re committed to driving positive change by breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and nurturing an environment where everyone can succeed. 📈

Join our new channel in slack #cmoa-women-in-leadership to keep up with all the latest content and events surrounding this new project.

All members are welcome to be a part of this inclusive group, as we feel education is a massive part of what we’re trying to do, no matter how you identify yourself.If you would like to get involved in this project in any way or have any questions, please feel free to drop Millie McCaughrean a message.

Let’s elevate diverse voices in marketing and create a brighter, more inclusive future together. 🤝

⚖️ Balance privacy and personalization ⚖️

A  big part of your role as CMO is defining, building, and protecting your company’s brand.

So how can you protect people’s privacy all the while creating highly personalized experiences?

We’ve got the answer.

📅 Tuesday, October 17
⏰ 7am PDT | 10am EDT | 3pm BST
💻 Online

Join us and experts over at OneTrust and get the best of both worlds by learning how to use first-party data to achieve privacy and personalization.

Sign up. 🚀

Share your insights on AI in marketing

Want to position yourself as a thoughtleader on how AI is impacting marketing?

We have the perfect opportunity!

Our content lead, Will Whitham, is working on a playbook for CMOs on high-level, strategic approaches to AI, and he's offering you a platform for your AI insights, case studies on how you're organization has utilized AI recently, or both if you've got a lot to say!

Slide into Will's DMs on the CMO Alliance slack community, or drop him an email at

💬 Talking Points

@Eduardo Lopez is asking if anyone anyone has a CMO coach they recommend?

@Tracy Schlabach is asking has anyone here worked with a good lead gen company specializing in reaching the Independent Software Vendor community?

@Anna Mason is asking anyone have a market research tool you use to check out new locations for in-person services? I'd love to find something that shows competitors in the area, demographics, beloved brands, closeby business hubs, etc.

@Emily Correa is asking in any of your research have you come across a product marketing metric that is soley owned by PMMs?

@Anjleena Dewan is asking are there any best practices you recommend following for making sure events are  plugged into demand generation engine?

@Alan Gleeson is asking has anyone on here implemented a Headless CMS at their company and would be happy to share experiences?

@Tytti Hyysalo has said they want to take a big look at talent attraction/retention in the current climate. How important is culture-fit when it comes to attracting and retaining talent? Is it more important to find people who fit your current culture, or adapt your culture to attract the talent you think you should have?

Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #cmo-questions and #fresh-content channel.

💻  CMO Sessions Webinar

Women in leadership, perspectives from the C-Suite

Register for this free online webinar as this team of marketing rockstars share their own stories on being a woman in leadership and the journey they have had along the way.The panel includes:

⭐️ Nicole Braley - CMO at Inception Fertility™
⭐️ Michelle Gaines - CMO & Content Officer at Preqin
⭐️ Bonnie Habyan - CMO at X-Caliber Capital
⭐️ Laura Heisman - CMO at VMware
⭐️ Dessy Vautrin - CMO at Bodylase Med Spa

🗓 October 4
⏰ 5pm BST

Make sure to register now, you don’t want to miss this one

Fancy getting involved? Drop Millie McCaughrean an email at

👋 Content Opportunities

🎤 Want to take part in the CMO Convo podcast or have an article featured on the site? Contact Will Whitham

️⭐️ Nominate your CMO Tools of Choice: With 2023 in sight, it's time to take stock of your techstack. What have been the best performers for you in 2022? What are you going to rely on in 2023? Let us know!

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📈 C-Suite Masterclass

Over the last two weeks in the C-Suite Masterclass, we've been unraveling the complexities of Diversity and Inclusion, exploring its pivotal role in today's boardrooms. Intrigued?

Want to join our next cohort? Join the waiting list now and ensure your spot!

🎓 Courses

Just stepped into a CMO role or aspiring to get there in 2023?

Get to grips with all the quintessential areas needed to shine through six intense but highly enjoyable weeks in our accelerator program. Learn from some of the leading names in the industry (who've been there & done that) and network with peers in the position as you.

We promise you'll walk away full of new ideas, actionable insights, and new connections to help you on your journey.

Take the first step on your journey to C-Suite success

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- Bethany Mach

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