We've all seen the stats about how CMOs have the shortest average tenure in the C-Suite.

A CMO revolving door is obviously bad for individual marketing leaders' careers, but it can also have a major negative impact on marketing teams, brands, and the marketing industry as a whole.

That's why we sat down with Virtual CMO, Mark Donnigan, to dive into his tried-and-tested framework to give CMOs the time and space to show their value and make a meaningful impact that will keep them in their roles.

Key talking points

  • The negative impact a CMO revolving door can have on both individuals and brands.
  • The disconnect that leads to short CMO tenures.
  • Mark's tried-and-tested framework for slowing the CMO revolving door.

About the guest

Mark Donnigan is an expert GTM builder and Virtual CMO with a passion for working with ambitious technical or product-focused founders in the video streaming or technology startup ecosystem who are ready to disrupt, blaze new trails, open markets, and impact the world.

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