2024 is set to be a year that’s equally packed with opportunities and challenges for CMOs.

We asked this year’s CMOs to Watch to share the biggest responsibilities for CMOs in 2024 to overcome any obstacles and make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Discover what top marketing leaders are prioritizing for success.

Frida Ahrenby, Dr. Amine Arezki, and Amira Barger

Frida Ahrenby headshot

Frida Ahrenby

CMO of GetAccept

“Be a core player in the executive management team and responsibly drive the company strategy and growth together with the rest of the C-level. Team up with the CFO to carefully drive the marketing agenda cost-efficiently. Team up with sales, and join forces to drive revenue. Fully own Revenue Marketing internally, but also educate and evangelize about Revenue Marketing externally to once and for all make marketing seen as a revenue driver and not a cost center.”

Amine Arezki headshot

Dr. Amine Arezki

Director of Marketing & Communications at Thales

“In 2024, the role of CMOs becomes both captivating and challenging. Their most pivotal responsibility is to orchestrate a seamless blend of data and technology while nurturing creativity, storytelling, and the embodiment of company values. In this era of data-driven marketing, the skill lies in using data and technology to craft engaging stories that connect with our audience's emotions and align with the core values of the company. CMOs are the architects of narratives that breathe life into a company's values, products, and services, transcending mere facts and figures. Staying at the forefront of industry trends is no longer an option; it's a prerequisite. CMOs must navigate the waves of change with agility, adapting swiftly to evolving customer behaviors. However, it's crucial not only to follow trends but also to create or drive those trends, comprehending their profound implications. In essence, the CMOs of 2024 are the conductors of a modern-day orchestra, harmonizing data, technology, creativity, and company values to compose a symphony that captivates the world.”

Amira Barger headshot

Amira Barger

Executive Vice President Head of DEI Communications & Advisory at Edelman

“Ask more questions. Inquiry is a powerful tool towards more diversity, equity, and inclusion in marketing and communications.”

Emmanuelle Benoliel, Adam Boita, and Christine Buck

Emmanuelle Benoliel headshot

Emmanuelle Benoliel


“This year, there’s going to be a big focus on humanity. We need to keep things people-oriented, particularly people management through any changes that occur.”

Adam Boita headshot

Adam Boita

CMO of Ecologi

“Every marketing dollar counts. We have to be the integrator, joining the dots across product, sales, partnerships, and creative’s impact to ensure a consistent red thread across all our comms, product, and brand experiences to enable sustainable long-term growth. Marketers are uniquely placed to take on this challenge and succeed in the organizations they work for.”

Christine Buck headshot

Christine Buck

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of HIMSS

“CMOs have a few key responsibilities: Building agile teams, creating continuous feedback loops that improve processes, and helping the C-suite see the value we create. Team-building is the foundation, of course. In marketing, there’s nothing more valuable than a group of diverse thinkers who are agile and can lead in times of ambiguity. To build that, CMOs need to create a culture of creativity, experimentation, and support from the top down.

“Executive buy-in is the other piece of the puzzle. As a CMO, you have to position marketing as a business accelerator, not as a silver bullet. Marketing simply can’t fix bad products or poor customer experiences, but it can lead organizational change. CMOs should focus on not just building great brands but also delivering revenue to the organization – and making sure other executives understand your team’s value.”

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough, Miruna Dragomir, and Monica Elgemark

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough headshot

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough

Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Lime

“I think one of the biggest expectations of today's consumers is for brands to relate with them on a deeply personal level. CMOs have not only a responsibility but an obligation to create a meaningful relationship with their consumers.

“Here at Lime, we are always looking for ways to create personalized conversations with our riders and prospective riders alike. This past Fall, we launched a global marketing campaign, ‘It’s Time To Lime’ which drew upon outrageous and organic rider testimonials that underscore Lime’s value as the solution to everyday stressors. While a global campaign at heart, the content was local at its core playing on each city's cultural nuances in an effort to speak directly to hometown communities."

Miruna Dragomir headshot

Miruna Dragomir

CMO of Planable

“When we talk about the year 2024, it's impossible not to think about AI. As CMOs, it's our role to guide our teams in finding the best ways to use AI for growth and adaptation. Often, marketers are so focused on their daily tasks that they don't get the chance to step back and rethink old methods. However, with AI changing things so quickly, we must be prepared to regularly update our approaches and ideas. Traditional processes are becoming less effective every day, and our understanding of what's possible in marketing is constantly evolving.

“Our main responsibility as CMOs is to ensure that our teams are continually learning and staying on top of these changes. We need to keep ourselves informed about the latest developments in AI, share this knowledge with our team, and encourage them to continuously refine and adapt their tactics. Staying agile and responsive to these rapid changes is essential for thriving in the fast-paced world of marketing.”

Monica Elgemark headshot

Monica Elgemark

CMO of Oneflow

“In 2024, CMOs must prioritize navigating the dynamic marketing landscape with adaptability as the cornerstone. Leveraging predictive analytics, CMOs anticipate trends by analyzing historical data, AI, and customer behavior. This data-driven approach not only identifies emerging trends but also lays the groundwork for strategies that seamlessly align with the evolving market landscape. Adaptability, rooted in data insights, becomes vital for CMOs to steer their teams effectively through the ever-changing marketing terrain.

“Additionally, continuous curiosity and market research are essential in equipping CMOs and marketing teams with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the evolving landscape. Investing in business intelligence, analyzing competitors at the forefront of change, and gaining insights from industry thought leaders, keeps the team ready to respond to changing environments proactively. Using these insights will give you muscles to test new activities. Set aside a small part of your budget for experimental campaigns, whilst the major part goes towards already confirmed successful activities.”

Drew Fine, Alberto Gerin, and James Gilbert

Drew Fine headshot

Drew Fine

Fractional CMO with Rion Aesthetics

“Helping teams and companies prioritize work with the explosion of data and all the tools that allow anyone to be a marketer (or so they believe).”

Alberto Gerin

Alberto Gerin

CMO of Modefinance

“When thinking about my responsibilities as a CMO, I strongly believe that balancing a commitment to our customers and the internal development of people and strategy is crucial. 

"Our very own growth talks about bravery and intelligence, as it requires not only a bold brand and message but also sharp insights about the audience and a keen instinct about the market's moves. 

“To do so, I think that the most important responsibility for a CMO in 2024 is to adopt a culture that empowers agile decision-making and freedom to learn from one's very own mistakes with confidence.”

James Gilbert headshot

James Gilbert


“Efficiently managing the impact of marketing against the full GTM motions that exist within a business. I think in 2024 it will be more important than ever for CMOs to prove their value, show they can grow without all the bells and whistles that existed before, and do it in a way that creates a vision worthy of following for the organization.”

Jeremy Grinacoff, Lori Goode, and Dr. Leeya Hendricks

Jeremy Grinacoff headshot

Jeremy Grinacoff


“I believe the most important responsibility for CMOs in 2024 is to be the holistic revenue and growth driver of the organization. To achieve this, a CMO must embrace a customer-centric mindset, be the brand storyteller inside and outside of the organization, and build/mentor their teams.”

Lori Goode headshot

Lori Goode

CMO of Index Exchange

“A critical responsibility for CMOs in 2024 will be addressing ‌the growing demand for brand accountability, especially in areas like sustainability and diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation. This shift isn't just a trend but an essential aspect of business growth, especially considering the significant spending power of underrepresented groups, estimated at $5.4 trillion. Brands failing to align with these values risk being left behind, both from a business and growth perspective, but also in addressing the needs and concerns of their employees.

“Businesses must leverage these practices in their core strategies, as this alignment is now a fundamental business imperative. This shift is influencing business-to-business dynamics as well, evident in how brands assess their suppliers' practices in sustainability and diversity through RFPs.

“As we head into 2024, I anticipate more public accountability regarding how companies address diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability. This shift isn't only a positive development but a necessary one, as it'll drive real change and hold businesses accountable. It signifies a critical alignment of business growth with societal values, enabling a significant transformation in business strategy and consumer expectations.”

Leeya Hendricks headshot

Dr. Leeya Hendricks

CMO of Rimm Sustainability

“All CMOs need to be looking at:

“Digital innovation leadership: Spearhead the integration of emerging technologies to drive innovative marketing strategies and enhance customer experience and brand narratives.

“Strategic brand evolution: Elevate and evolve the brand's narrative to align with dynamic market trends and resonate with the evolving consumer landscape.”

Eric Herzog, Simon Hodgkins, and Eugina Jordan

Eric Herzog headshot

Eric Herzog

CMO of Infinidat

“Teamwork and the ability to take technical value and translate that into business value. This is crucial for companies in the technical and IT sectors.”

Simon Hodgkins headshot

Simon Hodgkins

CMO of Vistatec

“The paramount responsibility of Chief Marketing Officers is to assert the strategic importance of marketing at the highest echelons of corporate decision-making. This encompasses two critical aspects: The CMO's Voice at the Boardroom Table (Strategic Influence/Cross-Departmental Synergy/Championing Customer-Centricity) and Investment in Brand Building (Long-Term Brand Equity/Digital Brand Relevance/Brand Investments).”

Eugina Jordan

Eugina Jordan

CMO of Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

“In the fast-paced landscape of 2024, I see the heart and soul of a CMO's role as understanding people – our customers – and making their experiences genuinely valuable. It's not just about data; it's about tapping into the stories and needs that data tells us. As CMOs, we need to weave those insights into the fabric of our strategies, creating campaigns and interactions that feel personal and authentic.

“Let's think of data not as numbers but as the voice of our customers, guiding us to craft messages and experiences that truly resonate. So, in 2024, our most vital task is to be the champions of real connections, shaping a culture that puts people at the center and ensuring our brands are not just seen but deeply felt.”

Matthew Johnson, Bronwyn Karaoglu, and Enobong Kennedy

Matthew Johnson headshot

Matthew Johnson

Founder of dimartec

“Building a team that tests continuously, adapts quickly, and brings new ideas to the table while up-skilling with an eye on the future. I firmly believe proactivity must be encouraged and incentivized in 2024 to keep pace with technological advancements.”

Bronwyn Karaoglu headshot

Bronwyn Karaoglu

Global Vice President of Marketing at Ignition

“The CMO's role in B2B tech in 2024 will need to be the orchestrator of hyper-personalized customer journeys. We'll have to move beyond generic campaigns, using data and AI to understand each target audience's unique struggles and aspirations.

“It will be our responsibility to ensure that the content addresses their pain points directly, offering interactive tools that let them see the future of their business with the solution in hand, and build communities where they share success stories and amplify your brand. 

“This goes beyond mere lead generation; it's about building quantifiable loyalty and value across the entire customer lifecycle. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, CMOs in my opinion will need to master this personalized approach to see their brands rise above the noise and achieve sustained success.”

Enobong Kennedy headshot

Enobong Kennedy

Director of Marketing at ZOLA Electric

“In 2024, CMOs will play a vital role in adapting and leading the organization's marketing strategy in a dynamic digital landscape. This involves embracing emerging technologies, optimizing data utilization, and enhancing customer experiences. Prioritizing and optimizing customer experience will be crucial, and marketing's influence extends across various aspects of the business, from innovation to finance and commercial operations.”

Jenny Landin, Matt Lattman, and Gareth Mellor

Jenny Landin headshot

Jenny Landin

Global Marketing Director at Fiskars Group

“CMOs in 2024 will need to even further strengthen their brand identities - the stronger the brand stands out, the more successful you will be. There has been a development in recent years focusing a lot on performance marketing but now it is time for the brands to invest in brand building for the future.”

Matt Lattman headshot

Matt Lattman

SVP of Card Acquisition Marketing at Discover Financial Services

“Marketing leaders have a responsibility to cultivate authenticity in our organizations and in our messaging. Not only can we help consumers make great choices, but we can also advocate internally to ensure that we are putting great products into the world.”

Gareth Mellor headshot

Gareth Mellor

Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications at Downtown Music Holdings

“Stability: Teams around the world have had a rough few years, it's up to leaders to give them clear guidance on the way forward and make sure they're giving and getting the best they can to and from their teams.

“Clear messaging: Every marketplace and every channel is busier and noisier than ever before, marketing leaders have to make their messaging cut through that while ensuring that it holds more than shock or short-term value.

“Education: Marketing has changed in every way possible and it's important to recognize that and ensure both you and your team are giving the opportunity to continuously learn.”

Yahya Mohamed Mao, David Moreno, and Tom Richards

Yahya Mohamed Mao headshot

Yahya Mohamed Mao

Head of Marketing & Communications at Swiss GRC

“The role of the Chief Marketing Officer has evolved into a multifaceted beacon of strategic leadership and innovation. In this era of rapid digital transformation, the CMO stands at the forefront, navigating the confluence of technology, data, and human-centric marketing.

“In essence, the CMO of 2024 is a visionary and tech-savvy leader, adept at blending technology with creativity, steering the brand through the tides of change with grace and determination, and always placing the customer at the center of every endeavor.

“Lastly, a CMO is a mentor, nurturing the growth and development of their team. By cultivating a landscape of learning and innovation, they empower their team to excel, fostering the next generation of marketing leaders.”

David Moreno headshot

David Moreno

CMO of Virtualware

“In 2024, the emphasis is on driving growth. The potential of marketing to yield substantial business impact and facilitate growth is frequently underestimated. This year stands as an opportune moment to showcase and validate this potential.

“CMOs serve as linchpins, strategically connecting customers with companies, and harmonizing disparate departments toward a unified mission. This concerted effort translates the CEO's vision into actionable reality. This alignment positions us favorably to steer enduring, long-term success for businesses.”

Tom Richards headshot

Tom Richards


“Look much further than the quarter-to-quarter goals to chart a path for where the business needs to go. If it's not well defined, take the lead in refining it.

“But, you need to keep a keen eye on delivering those quarterly goals! If 2024 proves to be a time of shifting priorities and market dynamics, the ability to pivot tactically will be crucial to meeting the key short-term needs of the business.”

Rainer Stiller, Matt Sutton, Kim Warne, and Maya Wasserman

Rainer Stiller headshot

Rainer Stiller

Global CMO at Vertiv

“We need to embrace new technologies and tools that enable our teams to be faster, more productive, more accurate, and more creative – with a shareable, flexible reporting model that can demonstrate the results of many types of work – all within a sustainable budget.

“At the same time, we need to be supportive of adoption and learning curves for this technology, giving our team members time to learn and appreciate how new processes can improve our organization. The CMO Alliance in particular stands out here as a leading resource to guide and accelerate the path for my team to reach their top performance and realize their true potential.”

Matt Sutton headshot

Matt Sutton

CMO of The Black Tux

“Balancing investment in short-term growth and quarterly business goals with long-term brand building and equity.”

Kim Warne headshot

Kim Warne

Senior Vice President & CMO of Wesco International

“Taking advantage of once-in-a-career market opportunities to drive profitable growth in this unpredictable economic environment.”

Maya Wasserman headshot

Maya Wasserman

Director of Marketing, Home and Personal Entertainment at Sony Electronics

"The most important responsibility is brand authenticity, and assuring that as a brand, we are staying authentic to our core values when promoting and marketing to new audiences. Gen Z in particular is a generation whose values extend beyond any individual product or service and who look for brands they can trust."

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