Blockchain and crypto are mysteries to many people. Among the wider public, they're little understood, with the only news they receive being trickled down and filtered through many different sources. So how do you market products that people not only don't know about, but simply don't yet understand?

That's a question we're tackling on this episode of CMO Convo with our guest, Audrey Nesbitt, blockchain and crypto CMO, as she goes into the unique challenges and solutions to marketing these emerging technologies.

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Key talking points

  • The unique challenges of blockchain and crypto marketing.
  • Identifying your audience for products that people don’t necessarily understand.
  • What sets blockchain and crypto marketing campaigns apart from other types of products.

About the guest

Audrey Nesbitt, MBA, PMP, is an accomplished marketing leader in the blockchain and DeFi arenas, entrepreneur, writer, restaurateur, and proud core member of CryptoChicks, a non-profit, global educational hub founded with the key goal of empowering and inspiring women interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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