Customer demands and government regulation over data privacy have never been higher, and they're only set to increase. But what if data privacy isn't a burden for CMOs? What if was actually a benefit for building brand trust?

That's certainly what Jodi Daniels, Founder & CEO of privacy consultancy Red Clover Advisors, believes, and she joined us on CMO Convo to share how she believes CMOs and their brands need to be approaching data privacy in a way that's transparent and displayed proudly.

Rather than trying to make your audience forget about data privacy concerns by hiding your policy away, sharing your policy in the right way can be the ultimate way to build trust in your brand. Check out the episode to find out more!

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Key talking points

  • Why data privacy has become so important to people.
  • Why government regulation on data isn't something to be feared.
  • How to present your data privacy policy in a way that really builds trust in your brand.

About the guest

Jodi Daniels is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP-US), National Keynote Speaker, and author, who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., The Economist, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Medium, and also a member of the Forbes Business Council.

She also serves as a Fractional Chief Privacy Officer to small and medium companies.

In 2017, Jodi founded Red Clover Advisors which is now one of the few certified Women’s Business Enterprises, (WBENC), focused solely focused on privacy. She's on a mission to simplify the complexity of data privacy. Jodi's goal is to create a future where there is greater trust between companies and consumers.

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