In the big broad ocean of brands, it's rare that you'll be the biggest fish around. There's always someone higher up the food chain. But what if you're main competition aren't just slightly bigger or smaller fish, but absolute titans of the deep: the biggest, best-known brands in the world?

That's why it's important to choose your battles, and it's something Rob Willey, as CMO of sports beverage brand Cheribundi, knows all too well. With household-name competitors like Gatorade and Powerade (backed up by the considerable resources of PepsiCo and Coca Cola, respectively), Rob knows it's not about beating them at their own game. In fact, it might mean playing a different game entirely...

Check out this episode of CMO Convo to find out how Rob is doing just that, with plenty of advice on how you too can make your brand voice heard against titanic competition.

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Key talking points

  • How can challenger brands compete against giant corporations with seemingly endless resources? Beat them at their own game, or change the conversation?
  • The importance of identifying and utilizing your strengths to their utmost extent.
  • How brand values can be used to really stand out from the crowd.

About the guest

Boasting an impressive background in marketing, Rob has amplified his expertise under brands such as TaskRabbit, Foot Locker, Dunkin Donuts, Bearaby and more. As a proven thought-leader within the industry, Rob can speak to how he was brought in to resuscitate a 20-year-old company, his refreshing “startup strategy” mindset on how to make an archaic brand new again, and how he has reinvented tart cherries to be “sexy.”

He's currently doing just that as CMO of Cheribundi and Operating Partner at Emil Capital.

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