In our Growth CMO Report 2021, we found that marketing teams that have been built to be focussed on growth can be 64.5% more effective at meeting their goals. But what does that mean for you as a CMO?

We spoke to Maya Moufarek, Google alum and now growth consultant, to discuss what you need to keep in mind when building a marketing team for growth. Whether you need to know what your hiring priorities should be, what tools they'll need, what kind of company culture produces growth, we cover all this and more in this episode of CMO Convo.

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Key talking points

  • What sets a growth-focused marketing team apart from a "standard" one?
  • How do you go about building one?
  • How to create a company culture that allows for growth.

About the guest

Maya Moufarek is an ex-Googler, former CMO of Pharmacy2U, currently CEO at Marketing Cube, and a working Mum living in North London. She has worked alongside Fintech Thunes on a complete rebrand, repositioning, and launch. From her 15 years of marketing experience, she can share some insights with our Fintech entrepreneurs on how to connect with customers and derive value from growth marketing and branding.

Maya passionately believes that growth marketing doesn’t have to be a frightening concept for startup founders, but can be implemented through a series of steps leveraging tried and tested playbooks that start-up tailors to their specific business.

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