Interim CMOs can play an important role in businesses. But these roles tend to be extremely diverse in scope and type, meaning you need a particularly diverse set of skills. But how do you become a great interim CMO?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, it's our guest Alan Gleeson, who is back with us on CMO Convo to go over his extensive experience as an interim CMO for B2B SaaS start-ups, to share the skills you need to succeed as an interim CMO, and how his career path has shaped his approach.

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Key talking points

  • The typical roles and duties of an interim CMO in B2B SaaS start-ups.
  • The skills and processes that Alan uses to succeed in those roles.
  • Career advice on developing yourself into a great interim CMO.

About the guest

Alan entered the marketing world via economics and got his first real taste of marketing at Barclays as a Product Marketing Manager. Following the opportunity to head up the UK marketing of Paolo Alto Software, he has immersed himself in both the UK and US B2B SaaS landscape.

Since then he has developed his skills in the startup world and now works as a fractional CMO for a variety of B2B SaaS startups as part of his own consultancy firm, Work With Agility.

You might recognize Alan from his other appearance on CMO Convo, Navigating the European startup landscape as a CMO.

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