Thinking about establishing yourself as an interim of fractional CMO? You'd best make sure the role is right for you.

If you want a low down on everything it takes to be an interim CMO, from personality characteristics and skills, all the way to the resources and networks you'll need to build up to be successful, Avi Kumar, CEO and co-founder of the fractional CMO agency KUWARE INC, is the person to listen to.

We spoke to Avi on this episode of CMO Convo, where we dived into all of the above, and more, so you can know is the interim CMO role is right for you.

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Key talking points

  • The types of projects you can face as an interim CMO, and the skills you'll need.
  • The network and resources you'll need to rely on.
  • What an interim CMO career path can look like.

About the guest

Few people know more about the effectiveness of Interim CMOs, and what it takes to succeed in that role than Avi Kumar. Having co-founded and lead the interim CMO consultancy agency, KUWARE INC, for over a decade. He's developed a dedicated, systematic approach to being an Interim CMO, and providing the support networks they need.

He's always looking for new ways to innovate and offer even more resources for interim CMOs to share with their clients, which is why he recently acquired the white label PPC provider, InvisblePPC.

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