All too often, CMOs might find themselves struggling to compete for SEO keywords against far larger companies. Sometimes these companies aren't even actively competing for them, they just capture them by the nature of their mighty domain authority! Basically, the world of content marketing can all too often resemble real life: the rich get richer without too much effort.

But how can we level the playing field? How can the underdogs become topcats? How can David beat Goliath? If anyone knows, it's James Scherer, VP of Growth for content marketing agency Codeless, who joins us in this episode to share how CMOs can battle those giants, and not waste time jousting with windmills.

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Key talking points

  • What we mean by the "rich get richer" in the context of content and SEO.
  • Advice and processes for CMOs and smaller brands to stay competitive on keywords.
  • A look towards what the future might hold for content marketing and SEO.

About the guest

Meet James Scherer. As VP of Growth at Codeless, he helps 10-figure brands like or Nextiva dominate categories with content marketing at a massive scale.

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