It's rare indeed that a CMO's career path is exactly the same as another, in fact we'd go as far to say that every single one is different.

But regardless of how you've reached the CMO role, there's often the question, "what next?".

Should you be looking to step into a higher position, like CEO or COO, even if it takes you away from the marketing function? Should you restrict yourself just to C-Suite roles, even if they're not your passion?

We spoke to Chris Sheen, CMO of Sideways 6, to discuss his own career path and how he's tackled those questions, and more, with plenty of advice for aspiring and current CMOs who are considering their career direction.

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Key talking points

  • The problem with career paths that take you away from your passions.
  • When sometimes it's right to celebrate demotions.
  • Why fancy and prestigious titles don't always make for a happy, productive career.

About the guest

Chris Sheen is a storyteller. He also does marketing.

With ambitions to go into the media (and a broadcast journalism degree to boot), his career quickly led him down a different path through sales, partnerships and finally to finding his spiritual home in marketing.

With marketing leadership roles at SaleCycle (CMO) and Sideways 6 (CMO), Chris is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s ‘expected’ in B2B and showing that it just doesn’t have to be consumer brands that have all the fun.

Chris was recently featured on our list of CMO's to watch in 2022.

Want to hear more from Chris?

Tune in for his appearance on February 17th as part of our CMO Sessions, where he'll be covering The CMO’s Guide to Storytelling in Marketing.

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