Oh, for those halcyon days of '20 and '21, when the growth for eCommerce brands seemed unstoppable! But 2023 is a different beast, and with recessions and cost-of-living crises impacting both brands and consumers, how can CMOs respond?

Samir Balwani, CEO of QRY, joins us to share his insights on the current state of eCommerce marketing, what CMO's priorities need to be, and the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

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Key talking points

  • The current state of eCommerce consumers and marketing.
  • Time to cut back on marketing spend, or invest more?
  • The most important tools for eCommerce CMOs right now.

About the guest

Samir Balwani has taken his experience in senior marketing roles for American Express and his extensive work as a marketing consultant to lead QRY, a media agency aimed at D2C and eCommerce brands.

His mission is to help brands accelerate their growth and increase their revenue.

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