Pre-pandemic, the world of eCommerce was already an extremely competitive landscape. Many businesses had to sink even more resources into it to meet their customers' needs as the world went into lockdown, making the landscape even more cluttered. And those customer expectations? They aren't going anywhere, even as we (hopefully) move towards a post-pandemic world.

How can CMOs help their organizations stand out in this hectic landscape? How can they not just meet their customers' expectations, but exceed them?

To answer those questions, we're joined by Mathieu Champigny, CEO of Industrial Color, Smashbox Studios, and CoCreativ, three groups devoted to enhancing how brands approach eCommerce.

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Key talking points

  • The current state of eCommerce and how we got here.
  • What are the baseline expectations from customers, and how do we not just meet them, but exceed them?
  • The potential directions eCommerce could take in the future.

About the guest

Mathieu Champigny is the CEO of CoCreativ, a group of three vertically-aligned creative production companies, including the agency Industrial Color, SaaS platform, Globaledit, and the photography and video studio network Smashbox Studios.

Mathieu has been with the company for a decade now, and his big focus has been on showing how content is king across the world of eCommerce.

Originally from France, he's been living his dream of living the advertizing and marketing life in New York City for 20 years.

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