While many people are familiar with how tech startups work in the US, not many are aware of the challenges and skills needed to excel as a CMO in tech startups in Europe, even when they live there!

That’s why we’re navigating this landscape in this episode with Alan Gleeson, who lays out what obstacles European tech startup CMOs face and the skills they need to overcome them.

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Key talking points

  • The differences between the US and European B2B tech startup landscapes.
  • What skills CMOs need to survive and thrive in Europe.
  • Do these difficulties present any advantages for long-term career paths?

About the guest

Alan entered the marketing world via economics and got his first real taste of marketing at Barclays as a Product Marketing Manager. Following the opportunity to head up the UK marketing of Paolo Alto Software, he has immersed himself in both the UK and US B2B SaaS landscape.

Since then he has developed his skills in the startup world and now works as a fractional CMO for a variety of B2B SaaS startups as part of his own consultancy firm, Work With Agility.

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