With our 100th episode coming up, we’re taking a listen back over all 99 episodes we’ve published so far to pull out the highlights.

Since launching in the middle of 2021, we’ve published over 60 hours of in-depth interviews with marketing and business leaders, covering everything from complex, data-driven marketing strategies, to “soft” skills and leadership, and much more.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to take a trip down memory lane with us, whether you’re a diehard fan looking for a reminder of your favorite episode, or fresh to the show and wondering where to start in our extensive back catalog.

This time, we’re highlighting the most popular episodes, the ones you just couldn’t stop listening to!

And so, in ascending order…

5: JoAnne Monfradi Dunn | Silo breaking C-suites: A CEO's perspective on the role of CMOs

Marketing is a cross-functional discipline, one that requires collaboration and input from pretty much every department in the company. And yet we’re constantly hearing from marketing leaders and CMOs that they’re frequently finding themselves and other parts of the business siloed, which has a detrimental impact on their ability to deliver value to their organizations.

CMOs know this, which is why we wanted to get the perspective of other stakeholders on this issue, particularly CEOs, which is why we were thrilled to have JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, CEO and President of Alliant, join us to give a CEO’s perspective on what she expects from CMOs, why it’s often their responsibility to break open these silos, and what steps you can take to build great working relationships in the C-suite.


4: Austin Beveridge | 5 lessons on growth-culture from building a decacorn

One of the many things we’ve learned from producing CMO Convo is that our audience loooovvvees episodes about growth, which makes plenty of sense, considering how important a responsibility it is for CMOs and marketing leaders.

So it was only logical that an episode from one of the masterminds behind growing a start-up to a 12 billion dollar valuation (that’s 12x a unicorn, hence decacorn) would be one of our most popular!

Austin Beveridge, Head of Marketing for Arc Technologies, joined us to share the lessons he learned as the “Glue and Growth Guy” at Bolt, and how he’s applying these lessons in his current role.

From building a culture of experimentation, to the importance of being a supportive leader, Austin had plenty of amazing insights to share (so inspiring, they literally brought a tear to our host's eye).  


3: Zee Jeremic | Sales and Marketing: Two teams, one funnel | CMO Convo

Aligning sales and marketing is one of the most important duties for CMOs. But it’s also frequently one of the biggest challenges they face.

So we weren’t surprised when Zee Jeremic, CEO of MASS Engines, proved a big hit, as he joined us to really break down the misconceptions that might be preventing sales and marketing alignment.

Chief among them: stop thinking about them as separate functions or funnels. Zee explains why there’s just one funnel that two teams work together on. Forget the old school “marketing does its job, then they pass prospects over to sales”, your teams need to be working together all the way from top-of-funnel, to sale, and beyond.


2: Gastón Tourn | Story Masters 1: The goal of brand storytelling

CMO of Curio, Gastón Tourn is a bit of a regular on CMO Convo, where he frequently brings fantastic insights drawn from his experience at Google and growing fantastic start-ups like Bumble and Appear Here.

But if you were to ask Gastón, he’d be the first to admit that his true passion is storytelling, especially in marketing. But rather than relying on examples and lessons from marketing, Gastón says the best lessons come from literature. After all, who better to learn from than the greatest storytellers in human history when it comes to marketing storytelling?

That’s why we were thrilled to collaborate with Gastón on our Story Masters miniseries, where we took a look at some of the most important literary techniques, and how to apply them in marketing.

In the first episode, Gastón examines the importance of both defamiliarizing your audience with storytelling, while maintaining an effective willing suspension of disbelief. Don’t miss the rest of the miniseries, where Gastón examines the literary theory behind story structures, characters, and emotional connections, and how to apply them in your marketing.


Drum roll, please, for the most popular CMO Convo episode so far…

1: Seth Temko | Unifying your customer experience

We’re often told that customer is king/queen/non-hereditary head of state, so of course an episode all about customer experience would be our most popular!

Customer experience is important across every industry, but there are few where it’s more important than in the restaurant and hospitality industry. This made Seth Temko, CMO of restaurant tech company PAR Technology, the perfect person to discuss how the right tech-driven processes are essential for ensuring your customers consistently have the best experience possible.

Keeping your customer experience unified and working in sync across every customer touchpoint takes a lot of planning, and Seth has heaps of advice to share on how you can do just that, regardless of your industry.


The future

You know, it’s a pretty exciting time to be producing a podcast on marketing leadership. With so many new technologies emerging, new audiences to reach, and crazy stuff in the news constantly impacting the industry, we promise there’s plenty to more to come.

Stay tuned for the 100th episode, coming this summer, but there’s going to be plenty more beyond that!

Here’s to 100 more!

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