Brand experiences can have a huge impact, allowing you to build excitement and connections among your customers like nothing else.

But there's a perception that they can be costly, which means it's essential for CMOs to be able to show the ROI of experiences to secure buy-in from stakeholders.

Kitty Hart, VP of Client Brand Experience at Heroic Productions, joins us on CMO Convo to break down exactly how you can show the value of experiential marketing.

Key talking points

  • The benefits of experiential marketing for brands.
  • Dispelling misconceptions around experiences being cost sinks.
  • How to show the ROI of experiential marketing to secure buy-in from stakeholders.

About the guest

With over 25 years of experience in branding and marketing, Kitty is passionate about helping brands create memorable and impactful experiences for their audiences. As the VP of Client Brand Experience at Heroic Productions, Kitty works with a team of strategic, creative, and technical professionals who design and produce events that showcase the brand's story, values, and vision.

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