Nominate your CMO Tools of Choice


As a CMO, you have many responsibilities. And to tackle those responsibilities, you need the right tools in your tech stack.

In our Growth CMO Report, 61% of CMOs stated they have gaps in their techstacks preventing them from meeting their goals. And over half of them said the main reason they can’t fill this gap is a lack of time to fully investigate solutions.

We want a solution to this, to give you the resources you need in one place to identify the most effective tools you need.

That will be our CMO Tools of Choice 2023 report, a one-stop solution where you’ll be able to see peer-selected tools for all the major categories of martech and management tools.

But first, we need your help: identify the tools that are most important to you, and why, so we can categorize the ones that are most effective for different circumstances.

What we want to know

  • Your favorite marketing and management tools.
  • Why you use them and what features are the most important.
  • Info about the organization you represent as a CMO, so we can break our tools down into different categories. After all, what’s best for a huge international company might not be right for a start-up, and vice-versa!

Once you’re done…

We’ll take your answers to put together the CMO Tools of Choice 2023 Report, to create a one-stop-shop for CMOs to find peer-recommended tools for all your techstack needs.

All your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared externally.

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